Coloured Glazed Clay Roof Tiles
Coloured Glazed Clay Roof Tiles

"Laumans" Glazed Clay Roof Tiles

Smithbrook Building Products supplied the multicoloured glazed roof tiles for the façade of the prestigious Highfield Community College, Blackpool, designed by Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios.

Working with the architects SBP was able to produce the colours required in the execution of their dramatic design with a blend of a Laumans' standard colour and the production of a range of specified colour glazes.


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"Ideal Variable" and "Tiefa XL"

Both "Ideal Variable" and "Tiefa XL" are available in the standard colour range illustrated below, and may be glazed to any colour specified in matt, satin or glossy finish.

Model Ideal Variable

Overall size: 415 x 250mm
Variable gauge: 330 to 345mm
Horizontal gauge: 202mm
Cover: 14.4 to 15 tiles/m2
Weight per piece 3.4kg
Minimum pitch: 22˚
280 pieces/pallet

Colour illustrated: Green 121

Model Tiefa XL

Overall size: 420 x 280mm
Variable gauge: 340 to 355mm
Horizontal gauge: 230mm
Cover: 12.3 to 12.8 tiles/m2
Weight per piece 3.6kg
Minimum pitch: 22˚
240 pieces/pallet

Colour illustrated: Blue 101

Standard Colour Range

Grey 30
Satin Black 40 (Ideal Variable only)
Black 50
Coral 51 (Tiefa XL only)
Blue 101
Green 121

For more information call:  01273 573811

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Some crazing may occur at any time and this is an inherent characteristic of glazed tiles and does not affect the life or performance of the tile.


"Wellingham" Norfolk Pantile.

Wellingham Clay Pantiles are the latest addition to our range and offer a roof tile that is closest in appearance to the traditional Norfolk Pantile. 

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